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Identifier nemo:dat-jx4eu3g
Dataset Name Epigenomic complexity of the human brain revealed by single-cell DNA methylomes and 3D genome structures
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Description Delineating the gene regulatory programs underlying complex cell types is fundamental for understanding brain functions in health and disease. Here, we comprehensively examine human brain cell epigenomes by probing DNA methylation and chromatin conformation at single-cell resolution in over 500,000 cells from 46 brain regions. We identified 188 cell types and characterized their molecular signatures. Integrative analyses revealed concordant changes in DNA methylation, chromatin accessibility, chromatin organization, and gene expression across cell types, cortical areas, and basal ganglia structures. With these resources, we developed scMCodes that reliably predict brain cell types using their methylation status at select genomic sites. This multimodal epigenomic brain cell atlas provides new insights into the complexity of cell type-specific gene regulation in the adult human brain
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Authors Wei Tian, Jingtian Zhou, Anna Bartlett, Qiurui Zeng, Hanqing Liu, Rosa G. Castanon, Mia Kenworthy, Jordan Altshul, Cynthia Valadon, Andrew Aldridge, Joseph R. Nery, Huaming Chen, Jiaying Xu, Nicholas D. Johnson, Jacinta Lucero, Julia K. Osteen, Nora Emerson, Jon Rink, Jasper Lee, Yang Li, Kimberly Siletti, Michelle Liem, Naomi Claffey, Caz O'Connor, Anna Marie Yanny, Julie Nyhus, Nick Dee, Tamara Casper, Nadiya Shapovalova, Daniel Hirschstein, Rebecca Hodge, Boaz P. Levi, C. Dirk Keene, Sten Linnarsson, Ed Lein, Bing Ren, M. Margarita Behrens, Joseph R. Ecker
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Contact Person Joseph R. Ecker
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Data Repository NeMO
Data Repository RRID RRID:SCR_016152
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