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Identifier nemo:dat-rtmm5q2
Dataset Name A single-cell multi-omic atlas spanning the adult rhesus macaque brain
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Description Cataloging the diverse cellular architecture of the primate brain is crucial for understanding cognition, behavior and disease in humans. Here, we generated a brain-wide single-cell multimodal molecular atlas of the rhesus macaque brain. Altogether, we profiled 2.58M transcriptomes and 1.59M epigenomes from single nuclei sampled from 30 regions across the adult brain. Cell composition differed extensively across the brain, revealing cellular signatures of region-specific functions. We also identified 1.19M candidate regulatory elements, many novel, allowing us to explore the landscape of cis-regulatory grammar and neurological disease risk in a cell-type-specific manner. Together, this multi-omic atlas provides an open resource for investigating the evolution of the human brain and identifying novel targets for disease interventions.
Keywords rhesus macaque, Macaca mulatta, atlas, transcriptome, epigenome, snATAC-seq, snRNA-seq
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Authors Kenneth L. Chiou, Xingfan Huang, Martin O. Bohlen, Sébastien Tremblay, Diana R. O’Day, Cailyn H. Spurrell, Aishwarya A. Gogate, Trisha M. Zintel, Cayo Biobank Research Unit, Madeline G. Andrews, Melween I. Martínez, Lea M. Starita, Michael J. Montague, Michael L. Platt, Jay Shendure, Noah Snyder-Mackler
Organization Arizona State University, University of Washington, University of Pennsylvania
Contact Person Noah Snyder-Mackler, Jay Shendure, Michael Platt
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Grant Name 1U01MH121260-01
Consortium BICCN
Data Repository NeMO
Data Repository RRID RRID:SCR_016152
Data License CC BY 4.0
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Study Organism rhesus macaque
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