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Identifier nemo:dat-swzf4kc
Dataset Name BRAIN/NeMO: A multimodal atlas of human brain cell types: Middle Temporal Gyrus (MTG)
Version NA
Release Date NA
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Dataset Collection URL This is a restricted access dataset. Instructions for controlled access are available at
Description Controlled access to genomics data housed at the BRAIN/NeMO data archive. This study is part of an international consortium approach using single cell transcriptomics, human cellular physiology and anatomy and neuronal modeling to begin to create an atlas of human brain cell types. In this dataset, single nucleus RNA-sequencing using SMART-Seq v4 methodology was applied to perform a comprehensive analysis of cell types from middle temporal gyrus (MTG) from neurosurgical tissue and in a variety of human cortical areas (MTG, M1C, CgGr, V1C, S1C and A1C), largely from postmortem brain. Human cortical RNAseq data is limited to General Research Use (GRU) and the Middle Temporal Gyrus data is limited to Health/Medical/Biomedical (HMB). The BRAIN/NeMO DAC will review data access requests in consideration of these data use limitations.
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Authors Ed Lein, Jeremy Miller
Organization Allen Institute for Brain Science
Contact Person Ed Lein
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Grant Name NA
Consortium BICCN
Data Repository NeMO
Data Repository RRID RRID:SCR_016152
Data License CC BY 4.0
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Study Organism human
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